Helping Our Community

Seven forward-thinking women founded The Cincinnati Woman’s Club more than 125 years ago with the mission of education and philanthropy. In keeping with this mission, the CWC undertakes many philanthropic projects each year.  The Club's philanthropy is broadly divided between Scholarship and Community Impact. Community Impact encompasses Service Projects, Collection/Recycle Projects, and Handicraft Projects, in addition to providing grants to eight worthy non-profit agencies each year through the Gift Research program. 

Service Projects: "Can Do" and Super "Can Do" Events

Members participated in more than a dozen "Can Do" projects in the past year:

Collection/Recycle Projects

During the past year, members have recycled and collected items for several projects:

Handicraft Projects

The clever and talented members of The Cincinnati Woman's Club happily share their crafting and needlework skills to embellish ball caps, make quilts and pillowcases, knit sweaters and prayer squares, sew doll clothes, and create assorted other beautiful items to help brighten the lives of those less fortunate.

Gift Research Grants

Each year, The Cincinnati Woman's Club members research and share information about eight non-profit agencies doing good work in our area. The agencies are nominated by members and then members vote on the two they think are making the biggest difference in lives in the tristate. The Gift Research grants are shared among all eight agencies, with the top two vote getters receiving the largest grants. The following agencies received grants from CWC for the year 2023-2024:

Philanthropy projects at The Cincinnati Woman's Club follow the motto carved and hanging above the fireplace in the Club's Library: "Let us be such as help the life of the future."