About the Club

An energetic group of seven women from Cincinnati had worked together to create the highly successful Cincinnati Room in the Woman’s Building at the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. The inclusion of the Woman’s Building was a daring, even radical, experiment for its time and it was popular beyond all expectations. When the Fair was over, the women returned to Cincinnati, filled with enthusiasm for other challenges they could undertake in the fields of education and philanthropy, and through their efforts the Cincinnati Woman’s Club was established.

The Club was originally located on Oak Street, but that building was torn down in the 1960s to make way for Interstate 71. The organization is now on Lafayette Avenue and still remains dedicated to education and philanthropy.

Cincinnati Woman’s Club Mission Statement

The purpose of The Cincinnati Woman’s Club is to create an organized center of thought and action among women for the promotion of charitable, educational, literary, social and artistic growth, and whatever relates to the best interests of the city; and to acquire by donation, purchase and otherwise, all necessary property and funds.